Vive with Triangular Pixels

At the amazing EGX 2016 show, the EXP team watched people enjoying a range of virtual reality experiences. There were so many to choose from!  You could sit in your visor shooting alien invaders. The NVIDIA stand had people sporting a massive Hughes minigun replica (like the Predator movie) and sweeping their way through hordes of threatening nasties.

Of all the virtual experiences at EGX, however, the work of Triangular Pixels looked the most completely immersive … and, possibly, the most creative. After reaching the tip of the queue, and with some uncertainty, each participant was kitted out with headset and twin hand controllers before beginning to explore.

Observing people perform a combination of complex gyrations and thorough physical searches of an invisible facility became completely fascinating. It all made sense when you watched the video display that revealed what the participant was seeing.

The Cornish-based developer team members, represented in Birmingham by Katie Goode (when the EXP team were observing). A relatively short conversation revealed a broad range of applications and entertainment concepts, The team clearly have lots of ideas for developing new experiences …. and it was great to find out they had already won a Develop Award for ‘New Studio’ in July 2016.

The EXP team have subsequently talked about bringing the Triangular Pixels experiences to our venue …. mainly for the benefit of our customers obviously (though we might get a chance to play too)!