EXP's Corporate Vision

EXP Leisure Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing excellent customer experiences for people of all ages who enjoy both play and speculative fiction. We will offer customers the opportunity to engage in a wide range of play, pass-time and hobby activities perfectly matched to their key interests, in a family-friendly and inclusive environment purposely designed to support and stimulate their enjoyment, fun and development.

We aim to bring together a diverse range of activities and interests from across the games and speculative fiction market, creating a seamless package which links, connects and builds bridges between these distinct audiences with a view to expanding their access to and participation in enjoyable, creative opportunities and experiences. In so doing, we seek to encourage a strengthened, more diverse, inclusive and welcoming community.

Three core themes run through delivering these activities:

  • tapping into the commercial opportunities in a hugely profitable and expanding market – particularly around online video gaming, eSports and the resurgence of the board games industry – in a responsible and sustainable way;
  • promoting the educational and developmental benefits of co-operative play and fun, through engaging and working with appropriate social sector partners to expand access to good quality opportunities, and through reinforcing that gameplay is as developmentally and socially rewarding to adults and the wider working environment (through co-operative social and team-building activities); and
  • fostering opportunities for people to explore, experiment and innovate with new creative technologies in a number of workshop style environments and events, and through creating effective connections, links and partnerships with artists, designers and publishers in the games industry – with the aim of creating beneficial engagement between these partners and their primary audiences.