Video Games Activities

Video Games

EXP’s gaming communities will have access to fantastic, powerful technology, multiple platforms and the latest, coolest, games. Play time available as open games sessions for customers but there will also be regular, themed, competitions, leagues, tournaments so players can pitch their skills against all comers – proving who’s really Legendary!

All delivered in an environment designed for competition and interaction amongst participants and spectators alike!

  • Row upon row of networked PC games available to play on individual PC stations and in team-based clusters for team games and customer parties
  • Consoles arranged with suitable sofa-style seating or other spaces for small groups to enjoy
  • Immersive experiences such as widescreen gaming and Virtual Reality gaming will form a core part of the EXP offering
  • Dedicated onsite games servers providing fast, responsive, resilient play
  • Remote access to our games servers so regular members can play with friends even when they are sat at home
  • Mobile gaming opportunities on various platforms for customers who are visiting our venue
  • A brilliant retro gaming arcade with consoles and arcade machines from the past … so you can try some old style play
  • Private rooms available for parties and celebrations or just so you can kick back and enjoy games in a little style
  • PC specifications and gaming accounts will be matched to the specifications required for licensed games
  • EXP will carefully manage games’ age restrictions by checking ID combined with a system of parental permissions – addressing concerns and providing control to families.

Video Games

Our video-gaming solutions will benefit from access to a great range of popular and newly released games published through Sony’s Playstation Network, Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Valve’s Steam platform. Players will have the opportunity to select which games they want to play and enjoy these with friends and other gamers.

Astro Academy

The Astro Academy is one of the most engrossing activities you can undertake.

Working with a team of friends (or strangers), you will have the experience of crewing a starship in a challenging scenario. Team members will be responsible for command decisions, manoeuvring the ship, fighting enemies and managing various ship systems.

VR Zone

The Virtual Reality Zone will let you have an affordable and safe experience of the thrilling and immersive opportunities provided by VR equipment.

Stepping into one of our dedicated green screen rooms will transport you to virtual dimensions, playing in amazing environments. All the while, your friends will be watching (maybe also interacting with you) before they take their turns. Your adventures might be captured on video for you to share with others.


You will be able to relive the past, in the dedicated “Retro Video Gaming Arcade” which includes old-style arcade games machines as well as a number of “historic” games consoles from yesteryear.

Private Parties

EXP can offer marvellous private spaces so customers can plan private hire events for social events, parties and celebrations – with food and drink packages to support a wide range of groups and tastes.