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Real Games With Friends

  Playing board games around a table with friends and family offers so much more variety than most people think. It’s common to find, with the generation brought up before video games, awareness of the hobby game market is very limited. When they …

Posted by : Vince Lammas on December 25, 2016
History Explored Through Play

  In April 2016, James Lacey, a professor at the Marine Corp War College shared a really interesting article which explored how, as a teacher of military history, he had adopted an approach of using play to help students understand the various fac …

Posted by : Vince Lammas on December 2, 2016

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Most Anticipated RPGs of 2017

Over at EN World they’ve had a poll of their website readers to identify gamers’ most anticipated tabletop roleplaying games for 2017. They’ve published details on the Top 10 games due out this year that their readers are most keen to see. There are a …

Posted by : David Kirkham on January 15, 2017
Richer Roleplay

Those with lots of experience with roleplaying games will often tell you the least important thing for successful roleplaying sessions is the system of rules that guide actions. To quote a famous film … “They’re more a set of guidelines! The best rol …

Posted by : Vince Lammas on December 27, 2016

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