Tabletop Games Activities

Tabletop Games

EXP’s gaming communities will have access to an amazing library of tabletop games (board games, role-playing games, card games, miniatures games). We can pretty much guarantee you will always be able to try games you have never played before!

You will enjoy playing in the comfort of our specially-designed tabletop gaming environments, supporting a range of game play styles and space needs –

  • Intimate card tables and smaller games booths, larger games tables as well as huge, sweeping gaming tables that will make even the staunchest miniatures wargamer weep
  • Surroundings generously spaced to allow each gaming group enough room to breathe
  • Flexible open spaces and comfy seating for those players who incline towards the freedom that live action and storytelling gaming systems encourage.
  • a warm and inviting environments to play in or watch others play – benefiting from effective noise control and traffic management
  • The Arena – a large tournament hall where we can host local leagues and club sessions, larger events, competitions, conventions and trade fairs
  • Private storage facilities allow players and regular clubs to store games and material they don’t want to carry home only to bring back another day.
  • Access to an on-site games retailer, so you can take home a copy of the new games you have been enjoying

Play Booths

Our play booth will provide some smaller, quieter and more secluded nooks in which a small group can play together with some privacy and without disturbing others at play.

Game Parlour

The Game Parlour will have a more open cafe feeling about the space – ideal for small to medium size groups playing social tabletop games. Tables here will be more open than in the Play Booth area.

Tournament Hall

In addition to the well-equipped, gaming zones, EXP’s customers  will benefit from the facilities of a large events hall which can be used flexibly to host larger tabletop games, even festivals and fairs, small conventions and a range of other activities.