Swan Wharf

Swan Wharf Project

While we are waiting for our big vision project to get underway, we have decided to launch a scaled-down but still impressive temporary operation that will have us up and running really quickly.

This is based in Swan Wharf, an old industrial warehouse located at 60 Dace Road and nestled on the Lea river in Hackney Wick and immediately adjacent to Old Ford locks, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the London Stadium. The building was more recently used as an event space for the London Olympics and has been hired out since then as an event, office and workshop space.

We have secured space within the building which includes an existing ground floor cafe/bar, a first floor office space and the entirety of the second floor events spaces (see below for plans on how we are proposing to use these spaces for our video and tabletop gaming spaces and other activities).

We are looking to be in the building for around 9-12 months, and will keep to the sparse, industrial feel of the existing building. While this will have a different look and atmosphere to our bigger vision building, it will still allow us to try out some of our large-scale operational processes, as well as start to build up our customer base. While we won’t be able to offer the full range of activities that we are planning for the larger purpose-built venue, there will still be plenty to do and plenty of space to game.

Opening Times

EXP at Swan Wharf will be open seven days a week as follows:

Sunday to Thursday                 11.00am – 11.00pm       (last orders at 10.30pm)

Friday and Saturday                 11.00am – 1.00am         (last orders at 12.30am)

Pay-to-Play Pricing

EXP’s pay-to-play rates are divided into those for video gaming activities and those for tabletop gaming activities.  These are:

Pay-to-Play Category

Video Gaming                               £3.00 / hour

Tabletop Gaming                          £1.50 / hour

Unlimited Play Package

The Unlimited Play package is only available to EXP members, and is for those customers who are confident they will be regular attendees as EXP.  Members can sign up for an annual package, which costs £30.00 per month, and which allows them to come and play at any time for as long as they want, whether that be video games or tabletop games.  A tabletop-only version is also available, at £20.00 per month, for those members who only wish to use the unlimited play option for tabletop activities.

Other Activity Costs

In addition to our core games play, EXP also plans to host a number of other activities, such as tournament and exhibition events and a regular cinema club.  The prices for these are set out below:

Cinema Club

Single Show   –   £5.00                           Double Bill   –   £9.00                          Triple Feature   –   £13.00

Tournaments and Special Events

Common Events                                    EXP Members   –   free                                    Non-members   –   £2.00

Uncommon Events                                EXP Members   –   £8.00                                  Non-members   –   £10.00

Rare Events                                          EXP Members   –   individual ticket price          Non-members   –   individual ticket price


EXP will be offering a discount of 25% on some of the above pricing for senior citizens (65 years plus), Jobseekers and students (proof of eligibility will be required).  These discounts include standard pay-to-play gaming and cinema club activities (but does not include the unlimited play package or tournaments and special events).