Senior Management Team

EXP's Senior Management Team

The EXP senior management team consists of a number of experienced individuals with extensive, relevant skills and the capacity to lay out and deliver long term plans and manage significant operational teams to deliver business success …….. as well as being avid geeks and gamers!

Vince Lammas
Founding Director; Chief Executive Officer

Vince is an experienced business leader, team and project manager who has run his own consultancy business for more than 9 years, as well as being a former HR Director.  He combines a background in effective people management, with a track record of delivering significant change and improvement projects (enabled by modern technology) in large organisations.  Vince is the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

David Kirkham
Founding Director; Managing Director

David spent more than 20 years working in strategic planning, policy development and financial, programme and information management for the UK Government – including being the head of finance for the multi-billion pound Academies programme and also developing an innovative, award-winning information management and collaborative working centre.  For the last 6 years, he has been a small business owner and manager of an internet cafe on a small tropical island off the coast of Belize.  David is the company’s Managing Director and will manage EXP’s day-to-day operations.

Michael Couch
Founding Director

Michael has a sharp eye with commercial and contractual risks, based on his 20 years experience of major procurement exercises which involve negotiating with the largest private sector firms for enormous contracts including the largest IT contract in Europe. Michael is leading work on corporate governance and risk management.

Natalie Moore
Chief Financial Officer

Natalie is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Viastak Ltd, having grown with them from start up.  Formerly working as a Commercial Analyst, Natalie is a fully qualified Chartered Management Accountant, has a great network of IT professionals and has been involved in supporting several early start-up businesses.  Natalie is the team’s financial adviser.

Georgia Hutchinson
Communications Manager

Georgia has great skills and experience in communications and media management, knowing how to determine what needs to be communicated to various stakeholders and the best timing and media to use. She excels in creating focused, cogent messages, ready to be shared with the community of customers, partners and other stakeholders as part of an effective, planned and managed strategy.  Georgia is the team’s communications guru.