Real Games With Friends


risky-business-board-game-danny-thompsonPlaying board games around a table with friends and family offers so much more variety than most people think.

It’s common to find, with the generation brought up before video games, awareness of the hobby game market is very limited. When they thank of games, they imagine childish toys.

Some who grew up with video games, still have negative associations with games on a table – conversations about board games sometimes doesn’t go much further than Monopoly, Cluedo and Chess.

But the rise of board games now appears unstoppable. More than ever, people are discovering the fun to be had from sitting with friends and family playing games around a table. New entrants to the tabletop games scene are most likely to have friends who already play games … they join in from politeness or curiosity.

With a new regular write-up feature in the Guardian (The Board Hoard), tabletop fgemas are starting to be seen as part of the mainstream and some popular and accessible options are bing highlighted in popular commercial such as this article on Shopswell from the Summer of 2016.

For those more familiar with the hobby games scene, the opportunities to play games can seem almost endless, with new games being released every month. If your appetites have been whetted, there is a large, rich and rewarding menu to explore and enjoy.