Play Around the Table

The video games industry has become so obviously all-pervasive that nobody can doubt how widespread this hobby has become. For some, however, the idea that more old-fashioned styles of play are also very popular seems a little far fetched.

Mentioning video games as a hobby might raise eyebrows or a response that highlights concerns or a lack of comprehension (the same as many gamers will display if you talk about watching traditional soap operas …. that’s not the same as binge-watching Game of Thrones).

It’s not uncommon though, if you mention tabletop games, to have to explain the large variety of tabletop games that are available in the early 21st Century. It’s partly an age thing! Those brought up with memories of traditional board games (Ludo, Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly) find the idea of ever-increasing numbers of Euro-Games, Ameritrash and Collectable Card Games, indie development titles etc completely baffling.

For life-long games players, especially some of the real “elders”, the modern games industry is simply marvellous to behold. Best of all, it seems the industry phenomenon is finally being noticed by the mainstream media.

One day, perhaps a decade from now, an evening playing games with friends – real games around a table – interacting socially, you know, “face to face” will be something that people know is a perfectly normal, adult pastime, not just something that children indulge in.