EXP's Partner Organisations

We have teamed up with some excellent partner organisations – people with the experience and technical expertise to help us deliver an effective and exciting service to customers.

PingPerfect is a specialist supplier of game server hardware and web hosting services, with a proven international track record.  They employ a dedicated team of gamers, programmers and network technicians to monitor and maintain their game servers, and host a wide range of servers for many of the most popular games on the market using the latest network technology.

The Pingperfect team will manage EXP’s onsite and remote games hosting operations, ensuring we are optimising use of premium onsite and offsite hardware, to deliver fast and reliable services to all our video gaming customers. Their contributions will help us ensure the flexibility and mobility to quickly adapt to changes in a very competitive, developing market.

Viastak, a specialist in cutting-edge audio-visual technology, cloud computing and connectivity services, with a track record with designing and integrating end-to- end technology solutions.

They will provide EXP’s venue with top of the range high-speed internet access and comprehensive, integrated wi-fi coverage, as well as the audio-visual needs of our eSport, conference and convention facilities.

Shadow Games is one of the UK’s premier tabletop games retailers, with a wide catalogue of games and a dynamic and friendly reputation. They also run a large number of popular tabletop games competitions from their stores.

They would be one of our key retail partners and supply EXP’s games library. Working with them, we can make sure our staff understand a wide range of games and can help newcomers have a great experience of play.

EXP is in discussion with one of the largest and most well recognised chains of shops for our communities – a store synonymous with quality of experience while delivering a huge range of books, comics, graphic novels, toys, and TV and movie merchandise and collectables.

As an internationally recognised brand, we know they would create excellent retail opportunities for our customers as well as many potentially new customers to the EXP venue.

EXP is working with an experienced company specialising in centralised off-site food preparation, who will be our primary catering partner, providing the core food and drink offering for the main bar and café facilities located within the venue.

The EXP ordering and hosting operations will be coordinated closely with the caterer’s on site and central kitchen teams to ensure the varied menus are regularly updates and available across the venue and orders to the kitchen are placed and delivered to customers in each location.