Other Activities

Other Activities

EXP will use its excellent facilities to support a wide range of other activities we know you will enjoy. We plan to attract some of the existing events taking place each year to our new venue, as well as some new events.

As well as the “true fan” events, we will support social and educational activities, particularly for the young, promoting educational and developmental benefits of co-operative play and fun.

Our space design will help manage visitor flows around events and provide great facilities for exhibitors, participants and visitors. We will also have facilities for teams and other groups to undertake both play sessions and creative projects.

  • Great audio-visual and networking technology to support the organisation of eSports viewing and live streaming events
  • For the eSports fans, we are even including a dedicated eSports bar
  • Our audio-visual kit will allow us to run cinema-style events for regular clubs or social events plus one-off special events for film and television shows
  • Using our Arena, Forum and Plaza and other bookable spaces we will host a wide variety of events – smaller gatherings and seminars, larger conferences and trade fairs –
    • Video and tabletop games launch and testing sessions
    • Comic and graphic novel
    • Anime and manga
    • Costume play (cosplay) and Steampunk
    • Sci-fi, fantasy, hero and horror fiction


Our Auditorium will provide a space where people can come and enjoy eSports and other games events (like games launches and design seminars), plus a combination of broadcast or recorded film and TV shows. We will even be able to host some live stage events.


For younger customers, EXP will offer a separate playroom where families know they can play safely with access to age-appropriate games and pastimes with the support of trained and dedicated team members.

Learning Zone

EXP’s Learning Zone will be an informal classroom-style area, with the facilities to support educational and social activities linked to games, games design, programming and technology projects.

Technology Workshops

EXP will be providing facilities for high-tech workshops which can be used by innovators, designers to develop all kinds of projects – ranging from electronics, web, computing and robotics to all manner of physical games materials.