Activity Spaces

Activity Spaces at Swan Wharf

The plans below show the different spaces we have available at Swan Wharf and the sorts of activities we are planning for the different areas of the building.

Second Floor Areas

LAN Gaming Zone

Rows of networked PC games available to play on individual PC stations and in team-based clusters for team games. Immersive experiences such as widescreen gaming and Virtual Reality gaming will also be available here.

Dedicated onsite games servers providing fast, responsive, resilient play and remote access to our games servers so regular members can play with friends even when they are sat at home

PC specifications and gaming accounts will be matched to the specifications required for licensed games

Gamers Lounge

This is where you can play on consoles arranged with suitable sofa-style seating or other spaces for small groups to enjoy.

Retro-gaming and arcade options will be available so you can try some old style play.

We will also have some sit-in racing car simulators set up so you can enjoy that full driving experience.

And there will also be the capacity for large-display game and movie screenings.

Social Hub

The EXP Social Hub has the space and flexibility for all kinds of activities. It’s the main entry point into our dedicated Games Zones. Our bar and kiosk serves drinks and snacks and is where you can book time for games activities, and also has a small stock of game-related retail products.

This bright room has a range of seating seating and table options, including sofa seating around low coffee tables, larger tables for small to medium size groups playing tabletop games, and several very large tables for miniature figure games.

You might be getting ready for playing games or preparing for a competition or tournament … but you might just come here to mix with friends and people with similar interests.

First Floor Area

Third Space

The Third Space will be equipped with great technology, including amazing audio-visual kit, projectors and other innovations. These facilities will provide opportunities for social and educational work, which we expect to use this space in combination with guest organisers, local social groups, external clubs and other organisations.

The flexibility of this space will allow us to run all kinds of activities here, whether general tabletop game-play, meetings, workshops, classes or informal learning events for regular clubs, social groups or one-off special events for customers.

The Third Space can be used in combination with other areas at Swan Wharf to support tournament play and large tabletop activities when gamers need them.

Ground Floor Area

The Cantina

The Cantina is at the heart of the EXP catering operation, with an excellent hot food menu, cakes and snacks, plus a fully licensed bar.

A subtle EXP theme makes this a space for eSports, video games, tabletop games and other activities while also catering for passing visitors and the general public.

With access to the large Cantina Yard, we can host larger events and parties, especially when the weather is fine.

No matter how busy we get, you can bet on finding a place in the Cantina where you can enjoy the atmosphere and chat with friends.